Because our shoeboxes and inboxes are full

16 Mar

by Kristen

The first night I slept over at Kristy’s house, we were both thirteen years old and she kept me up all night listening to Pearl Jam’s Ten while we made lists. We found ourselves back in her room sixteen years later, reading our childhood lists that were stuffed into old shoeboxes, marveling at how weird we were. But, the truth was, not much had changed. When I visited Kristy in London a couple years ago, we made a list of bars with odd bathrooms to visit. When Kristy had a conference in Florida last year, we made a list of tourist sites claiming to have the Fountain of Youth. Not until recently when I moved back to the Northeast and received several emails listing things to do in the area did it occur to us that a blog might be a good outlet. Because, like the Pearl Jam’s Even Flow, thoughts (and lists) arrive like butterflies. And this time, we aren’t going to chase them away.

Please don’t let that song end up being about madness or incest like so many others from that album.

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Posted by on March 16, 2011 in Kristen


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