Apply for these jobs NOW!

18 Mar

by Kristen

This could be you!

The task of looking for new employment has quickly turned into a non-productive obsession with Craigslist job postings. Instead of taking my future seriously, I am compelled to click on the oddest and/or most confusing links. Science shmience, did you know there are job openings for driving an ice cream truck and climbing trees? Having once sold German sausages out of a booth for fourteen straight hours, I am not above any job, but there are still some postings that can increase my anxiety in just four words: Work with Teens (nonprofit). And there are others that allow a girl to dream: yes, I WOULD like to Help Astronauts! All I can say is my new career is going to be incredible. Here are some of my favorites from just today.

Top Five Craigslist Job Ads that Instantly Stress Me Out:
1. Work with Teens (nonprofit)
2. Return Phone Calls/Rewarding Work
3. Help Load and Unload Uhaul Truck
4. Maine to Mass and back daily
5. GUNRANGE worker
(Runner up: Cleaning lady for my home)

Top Five Craigslist Job Ads that I Wish I Were Qualified For:
1. Help Astronauts!
2. Come Work For a Roaming Carnival
3. Seeking Tanning Consultant
4. Traveling Nail Technicians
5. Kitten sitter needed!

Top Five Most Confusing Job Postings on Craigslist:
1. Big rig headache rack
2. “Designer Jeans” Sales Position
4. Naked Pizza Delivery Drivers
5. Newborn Photographer

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One response to “Apply for these jobs NOW!

  1. missdisplaced

    March 18, 2011 at 10:00 am

    OMG! Be a Carney!!!
    Can only imagine how little that pays.


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