Things to do to enjoy yourself in the great state of Maine

20 Mar

by Kristy

1. Go to a bean supper, see how the brown bread is made in a can
2. Line dancing and square dancing at the town hall
3. Visit a maple sugar shack
4. Take part in stitch-n-bitch quilting circles
5. Outdoor activities…..endless options
6. Take up archery
7. chop wood and build a fire
8. go on a hike, set up camp near a lake, go boating and fishing (also see #5)
9. Take a bizarre adult ed class
10. beach yoga/mountain yoga
11. Rake blueberries, pick tree fruits
12. leaf-peep
13. shop at dollar stores, flea markets, antique or consignment shops, vintage/thrift shops (ie: penny pinch)
14. Go to a pot luck concert at a commune (everyone welcome)
15. Pub trivia, bar games
16. Look for a moose along the side of a road (and then just settle for seeing a deer)
17. Go to a Kiwanis meeting
18. Play bingo at the VFW hall (and stay for the dance)
19. taxidermy something (preferably something you trapped your self, after identifying its paw prints…but roadkill is also OK)
20. Ride a snowmobile, go mudding, 4-wheeling, offroading, do donuts in snowy parking lots
21. drink craft beers and local brews (or brew your own in your bathtub)
22. visit a small town library (read the magazines! check email!), then find the old local town theater, and the green
23. learn beekeeping and other agrarian skills
24. visit a haunted site
25. go to a country fair (ride a ride, win something, eat something deep-fried, see the farm animals and tractor pulls)
26. learn to make something, like a bird house, a bat house or a refurbished chair
27. yodel, play the banjo (maybe this is another state…)
28. drink from a pure stream, then swim there
29. walk in beautiful places
30. have breakfast with the locals at small diner
31. Hold a ClamBake or LobsterBake on a beach (directions below)
32. Kayak in the ocean, canoe down a stream
33. Go bowling in an old candlepin alley
34. Eat the local foods: blueberries, corn (and other produce), potatoes from “the county”, seafood (lobster, soft shell clams, local crab, mussels, oysters, fish), Ray’s Mustard, Stonewall Kitchen products, Little Lad’s Popcorn, Maine Potato Vodka,

How to Make a Lobster or Clambake on a beach:

Cookin' Lobster on the Beach

1. Dig a pit in the sand about 2-3ft wide (needed: shovel, sandy beach)

2. Line the bottom of the pit with small rocks, and surround the perimeter of the pit with large rocks (needed: rocks, strong arms)

3. Build a large fire in the pit, using hardwood charcoal, firewood, newspaper (avoid toxic fumes from lighter fluid, etc).  Let the fire cook down until you have a nice large, hot bed of coals (needed: matches, newspaper, kindling, firewood, charcoal)

4. Cover the bed of coals with seaweed, and then layer on your food (alternating seaweed between layers): at the bottom will be potatoes, onions and corn (in the husk), followed by lobsters, then clams.  On top of the top layer of seaweed, cover everything with a burlap sack (weighted on the edges with more rocks).  On top of this you can put a small pot of butter which will melt while the food cooks. DO NOT underestimate the amount of seaweed you will need.  Otherwise, the food will burn.  The seaweed provides the moisture to steam-cook the food.  (needed: seaweed, food, burlap bag).

5.  When the food is done cooking (depends on how hot the coals are and how large the food is, but you should check every 30min), lay everything out on the burlap sack on the beach, and dig in!  For dessert, serve Maine blueberry cake.  Wash it down with local Maine beers.

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