Five Reasons You Should Spend Your Next Weekend Drinking in Savannah, GA

24 Mar

by Kristen

Raised in Maine, I faced some serious culture shock when I moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 2004. I had to learn to slow down and loosen up. As the city thawed this cold Yankee heart over the years, I realized I was having the time of my life but couldn’t remember any of it. Why? Savannah runs on booze. I worked at several bars (none of which you can visit because they were all either shut down by the city, went out of business, or burned down), where I got to know the locals until I became one. Therefore, as a professional, I suggest that you go there for your next party vacation.

(Side note: There are many sober, cultural things to do, but that is for another list…)

1. You can drink on the streets!
Don’t like the vibe in the bar? Take the drink to go! You won’t be alone either. The freedom to publicly drink fuels downtown shopping, a stroll through the park, and most of the petty crime that takes place.

2. Quirkiness! History!
While the Southern charm stopped Sherman from burning Savannah back in the day, nothing can stop the influx of chain restaurants and bars. So get down there before it looks like where you already live! The Pirate’s House has been a drinking spot since 1753 when it was filled with, well, pirates (now it is a tourist nightmare), Colonial Park Cemetery has gravestones vandalized by bored soldiers from the Civil War, and every building on the 22 historic squares has a ghost story. But what is the best thing? Everybody there is crazy and they want to talk to you.

3. Outdoor activities!
Go see the Savannah Sand Gnats, a minor league baseball team that plays in Daffin Park. It is the best $6 you’ll spend to be entertained by subpar sports, local children preforming songs between innings, and drinking beers as the sun sets on a hot summer evening (and it is always summer there). Or maybe there is a free outdoor concert in Forsyth Park, but bring a full picnic spread, your favorite cocktail, or a BBQ grill because otherwise you’ll stand out.

4. Who is the DD? No one!
The historic downtown is located within about a square mile and is packed with bars and restaurants, so you won’t be driving.

5. The beach!
The beach on is only 15 minutes away, so if you feel like crap the next morning, why not feel like crap on the beach? Sweat and swim it out! And on you drive, stop at the fruit stand and get some boiled peanuts and muscadine grapes. Once you’re recovered, the margaritas and mimosas are waiting.


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