A Brief Glance into a List Obsessed Life

29 Mar

by Lizzy

Provided are sections extracted from a double sided 81/2 x 11 list.  As you might have determined…this is my grocery list.  I will give you a minute to take in that concept….

The list, in its entirety, is glorious.  Notice the lines that enable quantities to be displayed.  Additional space has been added in order to fill in any of those last minute needs.   Never again do you face a Monday morning, glaring at the fridge, knowing you need to examine its contents in order to have a successful grocery trip after work, ALONE!  With my comprehensive, customizable list you simply let it tell you (or your husband/partner) what the hell to buy!  What you like!  Alone, one may forget important items like beer or toiletries.  But, if the list is utilized correctly, you will find yourself properly prepared for any of life’s nastiest messes.


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