Things We’re Tyrannical About – March 2011

29 Mar

Kristy is Tyrannical about:
1. Reading about Hawaii. Sarah Vowell has a new book, and many friends have recommended Maui Revealed…A travel list is being prepared for my June trip, of course.

2. Survivorman. While I don’t expect to find myself in one of his harrowing situations, I enjoy learning how to avoid hypothermia and make a slingshot in the boreal forests.

3. The merger of Newsweek and The Daily Beast. (I may become a Newsweek subscriber now that Tina Brown has taken over).  The Daily Beast has some great lists, too.

4. Helping out by donating to Japan (SEE SEPARATE list of how you can help, below).  And following the uprisings in the Middle East, Especially via The Guardian’s interactive map:

5. Stocking the bar with Pisco – I’m on the hunt for a great bottle, so if you have suggestions let me know!  A great bar should always be stocked with a list of necessities…like Pisco and interesting bitters.

6. The Blog “Friday Weird Science” (tagline: are you scicurious?)

7. – GREAT way to collect your Long Read to do list from blogs, online newspapers/magazines (and its a phone app, too)

8. ALL of Kristen’s lists on this blog, including the one below:

9. The Wooster Collective (After seeing Exit Through the Gift Shop, my interest in street art has been reignited)

10. Everything Steampunk – especially the Steampunk festival coming to Waltham, MA’s Charles River Museum of industry and innovation:

Kristen is Tyrannical about:
1. Words with Friends – The app that allows you to play Scrabble with friends on your fancy phone. I’ve always hated that board game and social interaction, so I was skeptical… but now I’m officially obsessed. Finally, those GRE words are being put to use! Seriously, try to beat me.

2. Peanut Butter in a tube – My badly behaved dog and I are in an obedience class that requires us to walk with treats in an effort to distract him when he goes to his “crazy place.” Tube food means I don’t travel with a handful of stinky treats and it allows me to force feed T Rex through the gaps in his teeth while he growls at you and your dog.

3. Tina Fey in the March 14th New Yorker (Even features a list!)

4. Melanie Hamlett’s Blog

5. John Frieda’s Go Blonder Shampoo/Conditioner– I was a teenager in the 90s, which means everything I thought was cool is very much not, including my favorite hair lightening system: Sun In. As an adult, I’ve had a hairdresser offer to dye my hair for free if I would throw out and promise to never use that product again. Thank you, Mr. Frieda, for re-introducing this back into my life in a socially acceptable form.

Kristy is tyrannical about (continued):
Helping out the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear victims in Japan:
I have visited southern Japan about 10 years ago, and currently work with many Japanese scientists.  Even without feeling these personal connections, viewing footage of the recent devastations in Japan is certainly a call to action for anyone.  Below are resources to find out how YOU can help the victims (curated by my coworkers):

1. Harvard for Japan:

2. Donate in the USA via these foundations (via your cell phone):

o To donate to the Salvation Army, text ‘Japan’ or ‘Quake’ to 80888.

o To donate to the Red Cross, Text ‘RedCross’ to 90999 to donate to its fund set up in response to the disaster

Listed on a page set up by Google:

3. Local Boston-area events:

information of events that are currently going on in the Japanese Consulate in Boston (

The Japan Society of Boston (

Kaji Aso Studio (

3. Other resources:

Miyagi Prefecture (Japanese page)
Direct donation to the prefecture’s disaster effort where Sendai is located

Nippon foundation (English page)
donation status as of 3/15 7am 6,633 donations total 78,255,145 Yen
(including 1,072 donations from abroad – 8,753,000 yen)

Multiple links to U.S. and Japanese donation sites, gathered by Japan Foundation in NY (English page)

Consulate-General of Japan in Boston (English page)

Donating UA mileage for Operation USA (English page)
Number of miles donated so far: 472,723,571 miles (not just for Japan, but total in the past)


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