Some Lists for Science Nerds – Part 2

30 Mar

by Kristy

If you’re a techno-addict and always have your laptop, smart phone or iPod/iPad attached to you, then these podcasts, e-newsletters and smart phone apps are a must.

Please add any of your favorites to the comments section

Science Podcasts worth checking out:

1. From Canada:


2. The podcast from the Encyclopedia of Life:

3. Great math podcast:

“Finally a Podcast for Simians, by Simians”

4. Weather related blog from Minnesota:

5. PBS’s NOVA podcast:

6. Radiolab:

7. Science and Society:

8. Slacker Astronomy:

9. Science blog from Australia:

10.  This week in science:

11. From the top journals and magazines:

Science: (AAAS)



Scientific American:

From the UK: The Guardian science podcast:

NYTimes podcasts, including Science Times:

Wired and PBS – podcasts directly found on iTunes:

12. From organizations:


New York Academy of Sciences – NYAS Science and the City podcasts:


Museum of Science Boston podcasts:

13. Radio-based podcasts:

NPR Podcast directory (many for science topics):

PRI’s The World – science podcasts:


Innoculated Mind Radio (referring to a mind that has been “infected” with ideas, as opposed to a “sterile” mind):

14. Blog-based podcasts:


Brain Science podcast:

Earth Sky:

The World’s Top Scientists Heard 15Million Times a Day

15. Lists of best podcasts:

Learn Out Loud’s list of Science Podcasts:

Zune’s list of Science and Technology Podcasts:

Podanza’s list of science podcasts:

Open Culture’s list of the best:

The best smart phone apps (including the geeky apps!):

Highlights of the free apps include:

* the Genetic Decoder (for iPhone)

Simply tap to change RNA codons and related amino acid information will be displayed. Colourful pictures are available for every amino acid molecules. User also can browse information by selecting an amino acid from the list.

* Epocrates (free mobile drug reference for iPhone)

* Molecules

Molecules is an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to view three-dimensional renderings of molecules and manipulate them using your fingers. You can rotate the molecules by moving your finger across the display, zoom in or out by using two-finger pinch gestures, or pan the molecule by moving two fingers across the screen at once.

* Weather Bug (for iPhone)

  • Live temperature
  • Live wind speed and direction
  • Forecast
  • Radar
  • Live weather camera views
  • A national weather outlook video

* HandyCalc – the scientific calculator (for Android)

* Elements – periodic table of the elements (for Android)

* Google Sky Maps – (for Android, or online at

* Science Pal (a dollar, for Android, but worth it):

Current tools:
-Periodic Table
-Polyatomic Ions
-Solar System
-Nuclides Z=0-70

* Mother TED (Android)

TED Talks allows you to watch the latest TED videos based on Themes, Talks and Tags.

* Metal Detector (for Android)

– Top iPhone App lists:

update on apps:

– GPS and citizen science

– Top Android Apps :

Best Email Newsletters:

1) Science Daily – a great round-up of the current science headlines, including what the blogs are talking about:

2) National Academies Newsletters (the esteemed National Academies are advisors to the nation for science, medicine and engineering):

3) Scientific American e-Newsletter:

4) Science News e-alerts:

5) Newsletters from Thomson Reuters (the folks behind the Web of Science):

6) Rudd Center for Food Policy (from Yale)

7) Dana foundation: Brain in the News

8) Science in Society Newsletter from Northwestern University:


Best Health E-newsletters:

– From Brigham and Women’s:

– Harvard Health Beat:

– Weekly Medical News:

** Honorable Mention:  For fun science news, check out Boing Boing, and the many great science blogs online.


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