Complaint Lists – Part I

31 Mar

Complaint List #1: Songs I wish I could un-hear and un-know

by Kristy

Sometimes just living in our world means you will hear terrible pop songs, against your will and repetitively, so that eventually you can magically hum the tune and sing along without ever trying to do so.  And you wish that those memory erasers from Eternal Sunshine could come eradicate this annoying knowledge.  Herein, my top songs to erase from my brain, when that technology becomes available:

1. Hootie and the Blowfish (anything in their catalog….why did this tone-deaf group exist in the first place?)

2. Hey Soul Sister (Train)…the way you write terrible songs ain’t fair, ya know

3. Party in the USA (Hannah Montana or whatever that gummy-smile girl is named).  I hate that I love this song.  Or I love that I hate it.

4. That song from Titanic (annoying Canadian woman).  Near, Far, I am sick of hearing it and knowing it.

5. The Beautiful People (ugly Marilyn Manson).  I know this song because of road trips with high school friends…I relish the memories of the rides, not the music.

Please add to this growing list by contributing your song frustrations in the comments section.

– The Editors

Complaint List #2: These things are vomit-inducing to me:

By Kristy

1. Being called Mrs.My Husband’s Name (ie: Mrs John Doe).  That is soooo 1950.

2. Collarbones (being touched, talked about, being broken, etc)

3. Paper touching food (especially when those paper wrappers get stuck to ice cream cones, or when cough drops get pieces of wrappers stuck to them)

4. The smell of dirty mop

5. Offal

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