If you can only drink at 10 pubs in London…

01 Apr

…then these should be your Top 10

by Kristy

  1. White Horse (gastropub and former Gin Palace right at Parson’s Green (near Tube) – the whole Green area has great places to eat/drink/be merry too)
  2. Pig’s Ear (gastropub, and yes, with Pig’s Ears, and great beers
  3. The George (near London Bridge tube, and near great Burrough food market on weekends) – ancient pub where Shakespeare and Dickens used to imbibe
  4. For the original James Bond martini (and a fancy British experience) – the Duke Hotel
  5. For a great dungeon-esque wine bar from 1890 Gordon’s (also good for wine: Vinoteca; and drink wine around the world at Vinopolis, also near London Bridge)
  6. For excellent moules-et-frites (Belgian food) and Belgian beer: BelGo
  7. Fancy Chinese restaurant with great cocktails: Hakkasan
  8. Great farm-to-table breakfast and morning drinks (many locations): Daylesford Organic
  9. If you’re more an eater than a drinker, try these 2 bizarre spots to enjoy great drink and great food together: For inventive cuisine, visit my favorite chef, Heston Blumenthal’s new spot in London, Dinner:     Or for Offal, try St. John, famous for their bone marrow on toast.
  10. Enjoy a Hendrick’s gin and tonic and a scone with clotted cream and jam, while overlooking the Thames.  Then check out some modern art.  Where to do all this? The Tate Modern, of course.

This is the tip of the metaphoric London iceberg, as it were (did that sound British?)….more London lists to come – soon!


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