Sites for Unemployed Environmental Scientists

05 Apr

by Kristen

Warning: this list has absolutely no humor in it. It is business time, people. I have four weeks to find new employment in my field of Professional Research Technician (translation: entry level manual laborer), before I turn to what ever job will take me. While a fantastic website, I tire of USAJobs. If you are also an out of work scientist or thinking about moving on to a new adventure, here are some other resources to check out. Positions vary from entry level to professorships.

Feel free to add on (and/or help me).

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One response to “Sites for Unemployed Environmental Scientists

  1. tyrannosauruslists

    April 12, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    Kristy’s job site list (more geared toward postdocs in neuro or molecular fields):

    Biotech/Pharma/Business (Boston-area):
    Biotech Tuesdays:
    Mass Biotech Council:

    Job sites:
    Lab Rat:
    Science Jobs:

    Career Resources at journals, lay magazines, professional organizations, other publications:
    New Scientist Jobs
    AAAS/Science (incl. Science Careers)
    Nature Jobs
    The Scientist Jobs
    SfN’s NeuroJobs

    Other Professional Resources and Opportunities:
    SHOW (Science Shaping our World)
    Science Club for Girls (volunteer opportunity in Boston-Area)
    Harvard Catalyst
    National Postdoc Association:

    From HMS Postdoc Association:
    Job Links You Should Know!


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