Set Pieces from the ’90s

07 Apr

by Kristy & Kristen

Some ’90s TV shows are so ingrained in us that it would only take one set piece to get the memories flowing back. If you sing “Night and Day” every time you come down a big staircase, hear snapping whenever you see a red curtain, or get the giggles every time someone tries to talk to you over a fence, you might find these images memorable, too.

1. Roseanne’s Afghan

2. Seinfeld’s Bike

3. Friend’s Door Picture Frame

4. The Back of the Simpson’s TV

5. Frasier’s Father’s Chair

6. Cosby’s Living Room Painting

7. Family Ties’ Piano

8. Home Improvement’s Fence

9. Seinfeld’s Phone

10. Twin Peak’s Red Curtain


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