Five Odd Tributes to Elizabeth Taylor

11 Apr

by Kristen

The passing of Elizabeth Taylor marked the end of an era in Hollywood and the beginning of a time of remembrance. I believe fans, family and friends should express themselves however they see fit and I adore all tributes (especially the photo galleries!) that have emerged over the last couple weeks. Yet what I love more than anything is the odd tribute, where one can really see how far Liz traveled and how far we will go to remember her.

1. Pirate Ship Lights Fireworks in Mexico
In Puerto Vallarta there was celebration of Taylor’s life that included live music, remembrances from locals, and a pirate ship that set off fireworks. This makes no sense until you learn that the 1964 movie, The Night of the Iguana, was filmed there, and then slightly less sense again when you learn that she didn’t even star in it. The film starred Richard Burton, who brought his lover with him.

2. Entertainment Weekly Puts Liz on Backcover
Entertainment Weekly, my main source of news, didn’t put Taylor on the front of its April 8th issue, but rather upside down on the back cover. It would appear that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to … no, not movies …. no, not politics … wait for it … an animated series is more important. Not only is Liz’s 13-page remembrance at the end, but she bumped the regular last page bit, The Bullseye, which is arguably the most informative part of the whole magazine.

3. Interviewing The Stand-in
In an effort to make sure every inch was covered, AOL news found Taylor’s stand-in for several movies, including Cleopatra. The hard hitting reporter tracked down the now 82-year-old not-an-actress in her beach home and learned that she loves to travel and she speaks several languages. Glad we can finally close that case.

4. Cosmetic Company Make a Facebook Page
Elizabeth Arden’s hardworking staff made a Facebook page for fans. Taylor made over a billion dollars for Arden and this seems like a fitting way to pay their respects. So whenever you catch a whiff of White Diamonds and need a place to express yourself, please write on their wall. Not to be outdone in the media world, the iPad also launched an app.

5. Commemorative Coin!
Any significant event calls for collecting. Get your coin now but save room on your shelf for the plate and stamp which are sure to follow.

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