Top 5 Reasons Steampunk is Gaining Steam

15 Apr

By Kristy
The Steampunk movement is underway, and I am here to champion, cheer-lead, and chug along with it…terrible.  Regardless of the poor puns, here are my top 5 reasons to get involved in this movement which is named for a modern-punk re-imagining of the steam-engine era, and which emerged from Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature into the realms of design aesthetic, DIY and machine technology.  The only rules?  Combine something with the Victorian or Edwardian eras and a bit of nerdery, and voila!

Top 5 Reasons Steampunk is Gaining Steam

1. Its Local! Waltham, MA will be host to International Steampunk City beginning May 6, 2011, following from the Charles River Museum of Industry’s steampunk exhibit, which was the launching pad for this festival.  The CRMI has long been a technological clearinghouse, largely ignored in the former Watch City, and is making a great name for itself by spreading the gospel of Steampunk.

2. Your keyboard never looked so cool. Purchase one pre-made (my favorites are from datamancer), or make your own. And as you crunch your spreadsheet numbers, or type away at that sales report, imagine you’re a Victorian-era workaholic (because its much more romantic).

One of Datamancers many Steampunk keyboard creations

3. Once you look, you find it everywhere. Steampunk has its own little magazine, Etsy shops, fashion genres, and blog sites.  And surely, it will soon become the over-used, nauseating vocabulary word we wish we’d never learned.

4. The Movies! The Golden Compass, Sleepy Hollow, Brazil, and the recent adaptation of Sherlock Holmes all have embraced Steampunk aesthetics.  (I especially loved the set designs of Sherlock Holmes and Brazil)

5. Beyond Geek. The far-reaching arm of the steampunk movement extends even into politics.  Steampunk Sarah, a comic, re-imagines Sarah Palin as a hunter with steampunk-guns.  So, the absolute best part of steampunk? The scavenger hunt to find its many iterations across disciplines.


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