6 Provocative Museum Exhibits of 2011

17 Apr

By Kristy

Right now, around the world, museums are clamoring for patrons by hosting some of the most obscure, unusual and provocative exhibits.  Here is my round-up of the best related to science, on view right now.

1)      Health for Sale at Philadelphia Museum of Art

A great collection of medical posters as art.

2)      Sexual Nature at the Natural History Museum, London

Explores sexual behavior and the results for natural selection.

3)      High Society at the Wellcome Collection, London

This provocative exhibit on the  history and science of recreational drugs, has now ended.  But the Wellcome Collection never disappoints.  Dirty your mind while checking out the current Dirt exhibit, for example.

4)      Steampunk: Form and Function, in Waltham, MA

Waltham will host the Steampunk City this year, and the Charles River Museum of Industry is hosting this exhibit to whet our appetites.  Steampunk is becoming more and more mainstream, and involves the clash of Victorian design with modern technology.

5) Microbes: Invisible Invaders…Amazing Allies in Chico, CA

Explore the micro-organisms that help make our bodies a fine-tuned machine.

6) Race: are we so different? At the Museum of Science in Boston

Explore the science of racial similarities and differences.

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2 responses to “6 Provocative Museum Exhibits of 2011

  1. Lish

    April 19, 2011 at 10:25 am

    I’m going to the race exhibition at the Museum of Science as soon as school break ends. (I don’t have enough immunities to go at the same time as the children of Boston, which I suspect the microbes show in Chico would help me understand a bit better.) Great post, Kristy.

  2. tyrannosauruslists

    April 19, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    So I guess you’re not racing to get there…. (haha, sorry, had to).

    Apparently the scientific research surrounding the exhibit’s topic is quite controversial (ie: whether there is a biology of race…which could lead to eugenics, etc.). I’ve been meaning to get to this exhibit myself!


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