Things We’re Tyrannical About – May 2011

05 May

by Kristy and Kristen

Kristy is Tyrannical About:

1. Pig-themed pub nights: Whether drinking Sow’s Ear wine from Brooksville, ME or Porkslap beer, the best pub game has to be Pass the Pigs.  The dice are 2 pigs, and the goal is to get your roll just right so the pigs land in compromising positions (each with different point values).  Endless fun.

Go ahead, put a BIRD on it, Portland!

2. Portlandia.  There are far too few of these hilarious shows on IFC right now. I want more.  And everywhere I go, I just want to PUT A BIRD ON IT. (This is also a great replacement for those sorely missing Flight of the Concords, like I am.)

3. The Three Cups of Tea controversy.  It started with a 60-minutes expose (and yes, I DVR this show, can’t get enough Andy Rooney – Kristen does the best impression of him, BTW), followed by Krakauer’s ‘brochure’ on the new byliner website, and Mortenson’s friend Kristof’s NYTimes opinion piece defending him.  As someone who relished this book, supported the cause, and spread the word on both, I must get to the bottom of this – what are the accusations and are they worth getting so upset that I donate my book to charity and ignore Pennies for Peace?

Update: the lawsuit

4. Iron.  In other nerdy news, my brown fat mitochondrial work has lead to this ancient element.  While mice need only 35mg iron/kg diet, humans need up to 18mg per day.  Too much or too little iron in our systems causes problems, so iron homeostasis is tightly (and complexly) regulated.  Its pretty interesting…

5. Magazines with good lists.  This is the annual Top Ten edition of Mental Floss Magazine (10 interesting numbers, 10 celebrities who spied on the side, etc), and its high-brow (horribly named) nemesis Intelligent Life also features creative lists in every issue, such as someone’s visual CV, choices for someone’s 7 wonders of the world, and photo essays (this quarter its a riveting list of Bad Girls through the ages).

Kristen is Tyrannical About:

1. The Disunion Blog
From the New York Times, this blog examines events from the Civil War through photos, letters, accounts, and historical analysis. With several contributors, there are posts from the initial gunshot fired to women’s activism. You can read the blog here, or be their Facebook friend here to get a preview of their content.

(Not T Rex)

2. Natural Wood Dog Crates
T Rex was weened off of a crate years ago, but for reasons out of my control I need to reintroduce Doggie Jail. I’ve been dragging my feet on this, not wanting to live with a wire cage. Then I discovered this natural wood dog crate made from recycled and renewable resources. I don’t care that I’m a marketing sucker, if I ever get my furniture out of a storage unit this is going to match my stuff. This thing looks so awesome and convenient that it necessitated the warning, “This item is not suitable for children.”

3. Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris’ Trio
The 1987 collaboration of these three country powerhouses is an almost perfect album. I have rediscovered it in my music collection, and am especially loving the tracks, “The Pain of Loving You” and “Wildflowers.” Listen to it NOW!

4. Who is Ayn Rand?
With her current political relevance (and irrelevance), and new movie based on her book, Atlas Shrugged, Rand continues to be a controversial figure. When Slate’s Culture Gabfest discussed her on last week’s podcast, it made by blood boil enough to get re-educated on what Rand preached. I have a biography waiting in the wings, but I really enjoyed PRI’s RadioWest’s discussion and On Point’s talk about her resurgence.

5. Run For Your Lives!
My friend and part-time contributor to this blog, Lizzy, recently sent me the link to this October 5k Zombie Race in Maryland. This. Looks. Amazing. The race is an obstacle course to the end while zombies chase you, followed by an Apocalypse Party. Everyone finishes the race, but only those who don’t get bitten can win. I love this idea and I’m tyrannical about it now since May is Zombie Awareness Month. How will you prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse and run off those summer margaritas? Done and done.


One response to “Things We’re Tyrannical About – May 2011

  1. tyrannosauruslists

    May 5, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Kristen – Somerville, MA also does a Zombie parade on Easter! (Kristy)


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