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My 3 favorite old fashioned typewriters

by Kristy

There is something about the sleek black metal, the over-sized upright frame, the click of the keys, and ding when you reach the end of a line….old fashioned typewriters may have been functionally superseded by computers, but their ergonomic and aesthetic functions will never be replaced.

My 3 favorite old fashioned typewriters

1. Underwood

upright and fabulous

The Underwood typewriter was first produced in 1895 by John Underwood, who was the son of a typewriter ribbon manufacturer These typewriters, including one my grandmother used to type up news stories for her local newspaper, dominated the market for decades, and are nearly worthless today, even as an antique.  But regardless of value, these typewriters are certainly handsome.

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Who Drives This Car? (#5)

by Kristy and Kristen

Who Drives This Car?

1) lady pondering whether she’s an acid or an alkaline

2) a woman who is proud that her deodorant is strong enough for a man, but pH balanced just for her

3) blonde doctor who forgot the “D” on the end (<– posted by Kristen, and it is okay because she is a fake blonde)


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Who Drives This Car?? (#4)

by Kristy


Who Drives this Car?

1) (nearly) Angry driver

2) angora sweater-knitter

3) Ang Lee the Sun God


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Set Pieces from the ’90s

by Kristy & Kristen

Some ’90s TV shows are so ingrained in us that it would only take one set piece to get the memories flowing back. If you sing “Night and Day” every time you come down a big staircase, hear snapping whenever you see a red curtain, or get the giggles every time someone tries to talk to you over a fence, you might find these images memorable, too.

1. Roseanne’s Afghan

2. Seinfeld’s Bike

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Who Drives This Car? (#3)

by Kristy

Who Drives This Car??

1) A man considering divorce

2) Someone prone to buyer’s remorse

3) An abuser of the apostrophe and quotation marks

4) ??  Readers: Please contribute your suggestion in the comments


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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Confusing Signs

by Kristy and Kristen

1) Utilikilts are very utilitarian, manly kilts.  And if you thought otherwise, let this poster inform you:

2) Kilts are also apparently art-worthy:

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Google Just does NOT understand me!

By Kristy

While I do bow down to the magical, internet God that is Google, I have a bone to pick with their latest algorithms for guessing what we’re trying to enter in the Google search bar.  Below, some of the suggestions based on the basic: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How.


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