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Advice from one beach tourist to another

by Lindsay

After a week-long trip to a resort in Mexico, I made a few observations about my fellow tourists, and learned some lessons that I think others should reflect on before hitting the beach or traveling.

1. If your girlfriend is passed out on the floor, don’t guzzle your wine while two other men attend to her.

2. Male belly button rings are never acceptable.

3. Buying cigars could result in a drug deal.

4. Breast feeding a child the same size as you while on the beach is not OK.

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Silly British Traditions to Adopt While Leading up to the Royal Wedding

By Kristy

While I appreciate the argument that as Americans, long ago castrated from our mother-land of Great Britain, we should not give a toss about the Royals (note: Britishism here), it is nearly impossible not to be aware of the fanfare and ceremony of a momentous occasion such as the wedding of a future King.  Therefore, this week I will be adopting these rituals as a salute to my homeland (both ancestrally, and from 2007-9*).  I suggest you do the same.

Silly British Traditions to Adopt While Leading up to the Royal Wedding

1. Throw a “cheerio ol’ chap” into any of your email or phone correspondence

2. 4pm is now Tea Time, whether you like it or not

3. Wear a fascinator or Philip Treacy inspired hat to the office

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Best Unusual Bathrooms Around the World

by Kristy

Editor’s Note: Please email us at tyrannosauruslists at, or leave a comment below, if you have any bathrooms to add to this growing list!  Pictures are preferable, but not required.

This list will undoubtedly keep growing, as I travel more in search of bizarre bathrooms.  But for now, here are my top picks:

1. Drink a beer in a former public loo, under street level (London, England)

2. Enjoy a historic art deco (open-stall) loo for men (Berlin, Germany)

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10 Bizarre Things Not to Miss in Europe

By Kristy

It’s important when traveling to explore things off-the-beaten-path, those unusual finds that perhaps only the locals frequent.  But it’s also nice to know which bizarre tourist attractions are worth the lines and the price of admission.  Here are my picks for both.

Eerie ambiance in Shunt Vaults

Shunt Vaults (London, England) – the spooky, hidden bar in the Underground.  This bar, among the brick-arches of a former part of the Tube and found through a barely marked door in the London Bridge tube stop, is spooky and dark, and often hosts art and theatre in its labyrinthine corridors.  Unfortunately, this spot is closed for the time being, or is it….?

The Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)  Built for the World’s Fair in 1958, this giant molecular structure (resembling no actual naturally occurring molecule) is lined with escalators taking you inside the chemistry.  This is a tourist attraction, for sure, but its so bizarre Read the rest of this entry »

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If you can only drink at 10 pubs in London…

…then these should be your Top 10

by Kristy

  1. White Horse (gastropub and former Gin Palace right at Parson’s Green (near Tube) – the whole Green area has great places to eat/drink/be merry too)
  2. Pig’s Ear (gastropub, and yes, with Pig’s Ears, and great beers
  3. The George (near London Bridge tube, and near great Burrough food market on weekends) – ancient pub where Shakespeare and Dickens used to imbibe
  4. For the original James Bond martini (and a fancy British experience) – the Duke Hotel
  5. For a great dungeon-esque wine bar from 1890 Gordon’s (also good for wine: Vinoteca; and drink wine around the world at Vinopolis, also near London Bridge) Read the rest of this entry »

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