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Five Weird Things to do in Northern/Central Florida

by Kristen

I didn’t visit Florida until I was 30-years old because I had assumed it was a culturally vapid place filled with strip malls and Mickey Mouses. Once I drove over the border, I discovered the problem had been me. Do a little research on that strip mall and discover J.C. Penney himself bought 150,000 acres in Northern Florida for what turned out to be a failed agricultural utopia. Look deeper into Mickey and learn of the creepy experimental Disney community (of 10,000 residents) that drops fake snow in December. This state is weird! Cultural? Questionable. But distinctly American? Whether you like it or not, yes. So check your Debbie Downer attitude at the Welcome Center (first exit off the highway, free OJ, go there), loosen up, and have some fun on the weirder side of the Sunshine State.

Ponce de Leon wants you younger, not hungry.

1. Go to a Natural Spring/Make your own Pancake Station – De Leon, FL

Florida is up to here in natural springs, so go to one claiming to be the real Fountain of Youth and offering a make-your-own-pancake station. Take a dip in some of the coldest water I have ever been in (second only to trying to swim in Maine at any time of the year), then warm up next to a griddle table and start pouring your pancakes. Why do these two things go together? Because it is how Ponce de Leon used to celebrate after a long day of conquesting. Well, probably.

Not Main & Wall St.

2. Visit the Psychic Capital of the World – Cassadaga, FL

Founded in 1875 when a medium from New York received a message from his Indian spirit guide, this town remains the psychic capitol of the world. Put on your ankle length skirt and dream catcher earrings to stroll the streets filled with palm readers and energy reorganizers. The town was featured in an X-Files episode and a Bright Eyes album, so whether you are a nerd or really depressed, you have to see this place for yourself.

Pirates, known for their land battles.

3. Pirate Reenactment- St. Augustine, FL

Once a year, seemingly normal people everywhere dress up in their pirate garb and take over St. Augustine. This town is worth visiting anyway because it is historic and beautiful, but your experience will be heightened if you get to watch battle reenactments (you know, that famous pirate battle you learned about in World History), drink weird cocktails out of steins, and shop at Thieves Market.

4. Pecan Park Flea & Farmers Market – Jacksonville, FL

There are tons of flea markets in Florida, but this one is the largest and has an adjoining RV campground Read the rest of this entry »


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Five Reasons You Should Spend Your Next Weekend Drinking in Savannah, GA

by Kristen

Raised in Maine, I faced some serious culture shock when I moved to Savannah, Georgia, in 2004. I had to learn to slow down and loosen up. As the city thawed this cold Yankee heart over the years, I realized I was having the time of my life but couldn’t remember any of it. Why? Savannah runs on booze. I worked at several bars (none of which you can visit because they were all either shut down by the city, went out of business, or burned down), where I got to know the locals until I became one. Therefore, as a professional, I suggest that you go there for your next party vacation.

(Side note: There are many sober, cultural things to do, but that is for another list…)

1. You can drink on the streets!
Don’t like the vibe in the bar? Take the drink to go! You won’t be alone either. The freedom to publicly drink fuels downtown shopping, a stroll through the park, and most of the petty crime that takes place.

2. Quirkiness! History!
While the Southern charm stopped Sherman from burning Savannah back in the day, nothing can stop the influx of chain restaurants and bars. So get down there before it looks like where you already live! The Pirate’s House has been a drinking spot since 1753 when it was filled with, well, pirates (now it is a tourist nightmare), Colonial Park Cemetery has gravestones vandalized by bored soldiers from the Civil War, and every building on the 22 historic squares has a ghost story. But what is the best thing? Everybody there is crazy and they want to talk to you.

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