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A history of Food Blogs (and my 2 local favorites)

by Kristy

Great article on about the history of food blogging.  Did you know the term weblog was coined in 1997?  Me neither.

Two of my favorite local (Boston) food bloggers who were missing from the list:

1. Cheap Beets – a mostly vegetarian guide to eating well in the recession

2. The Food Monkey – Eat No Evil!

10 more great foodie sites:

1. Local Dirt

2. One Big Table

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(Real) Stupid Questions Asked at the Grocery Store

by Anonymous

** These inane questions have really been asked at a grocery store

1. Where is the champagne opener?

2. Do you have any aluminum foil without aluminum?

3. Are these pasteurized* eggs? (*this was a misinterpretation of pasture-raised eggs)

4. This dish soap is organic, right?

5. Do you open all the boxes in the store? (asked to an employee opening boxes, and follow-up question was regarding a product across the store)


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Nerdiest Chefs, Cookbooks and Recipes

By Kristy

Nerdiest Chefs:

1. Heston Blumenthal (Fat Duck, UK).

A centrifuge for sauces? An auditory scientist to assist in making the perfect crunch on your fish and chips?  Only Blumenthal would do this.  As a self-taught chef, he furthers the gastronomical education of other nerd-cooks by sponsoring a Ph.D. program in the UK, and by demonstrating his research and recipe-testing procedures through his cooking shows (which to my knowledge are not available in the US – but if you can find his series on Fantastical Feasts, where he recreates historical meals, you’ll thank me).  His cookbooks are also educational, but would require an extensive scientifically-equipped kitchen to carry out the recipes.  The Fat Duck is outside London, in Bray, but the newly opened Dinner is conveniently located in London proper.

2. Ferran Adria (El Bulli, Spain)

Blumenthal and Adria are constantly vying for the Top Restaurant in the World status, but in my mind Blumenthal is #1 (plus, he was the predecessor according to Herve This).  El Bulli is taking a break now until 2014, in part to reformulate their recipes, but there is no doubt that Adria is a culinary God, and a masterful nerd-chef.  His creations extend well beyond the look, feel, and sound of a typical meal, and he constantly strives to recreate the restaurant and culinary experience.  Of note, he took part in Harvard’s science of cooking lecture series this past year, and has created a foundation to serve as a think-tank for gastronomical creativity.

3. Joel Robuchon, the French chef who may have begun the molecular gastronomy movement, and who now condemns it

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Street Food: 5 reasons to stop on the side of the road for some grub

by Kristy

Before street food gets any more good press and clever marketing, I need to stake a claim to my 5 favorite street foods.

1. Chicken Satay (Panang, Malaysia).  Something about the combination of lemongrass, peanuts and a very dirty grill make this the best Satay in the world.  For the last 11 years I have tried to find this distinct flavor everywhere, and I’ve never managed it.  I even wrote to Saveur magazine begging them to unearth this recipe after they devoted an entire issue to street food.  Alas, I may never taste this chicken perfection again.  Luckily, while in Malaysia, street satay was my daily breakfast.

2. Curry-wurst (Berlin, Germany).  This is only one of purportedly hundreds of sausage varieties in Germany, but its amazing.  Essentially, its a kielbasa with a curried tomato sauce, but with a pint of German beer, you’ll think it has to be more clever than that.

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What it’s REALLY like to go 1 week without caffeine, dairy, wheat/gluten, sugar, alcohol, or red meat

What it’s REALLY like to go 1 week without caffeine, dairy, wheat/gluten, sugar, alcohol, or red meat

by Kristy

List of day, after miserable day:

Day 1:

I’ll admit it.  I’m a skeptic.  Friends have tried this limited diet before and regaled me with how great they felt…but I needed to conduct the experiment to see for myself.  For me, this plan is not for weight loss or detox (that is SUCH a misnomer…anyone heard of these great organs called Liver and Kidney?).  Instead, it’s an experiment in how we feel – how what we eat affects our moods, energy levels, and ability to think with a clear head.  Needless to say, I was able to rope Zero friends into doing this with me, but my husband has agreed to try it.

On this initial day, we feel quite accomplished when visiting a healthy diner for breakfast and ordering a veggie-egg sandwich (no cheese!) and decaf coffee (OK, there is a tiny bit of caffeine in there, but shuttup – there was no milk or sugar at least).  Later in the day I try a soy-decaf-sugar-free-latte-with-truvia.  Tastes terrible.  Much later in the day we realize the damn egg sandwich had wheat (it was a nice whole-wheat English muffin, no butter…but it’s against the rules).  Day 1 is a bust, so to prevent future failures, tomorrow is dedicated to meal-planning and shopping for proper groceries.

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If you can only drink at 10 pubs in London…

…then these should be your Top 10

by Kristy

  1. White Horse (gastropub and former Gin Palace right at Parson’s Green (near Tube) – the whole Green area has great places to eat/drink/be merry too)
  2. Pig’s Ear (gastropub, and yes, with Pig’s Ears, and great beers
  3. The George (near London Bridge tube, and near great Burrough food market on weekends) – ancient pub where Shakespeare and Dickens used to imbibe
  4. For the original James Bond martini (and a fancy British experience) – the Duke Hotel
  5. For a great dungeon-esque wine bar from 1890 Gordon’s (also good for wine: Vinoteca; and drink wine around the world at Vinopolis, also near London Bridge) Read the rest of this entry »

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A Brief Glance into a List Obsessed Life

by Lizzy

Provided are sections extracted from a double sided 81/2 x 11 list.  As you might have determined…this is my grocery list.  I will give you a minute to take in that concept….

The list, in its entirety, is glorious.  Notice the lines that enable quantities to be displayed.  Additional space has been added in order to fill in any of those last minute needs.   Never again do you face a Monday morning, glaring at the fridge, knowing you need to examine its contents in order to have a successful grocery trip after work, ALONE!  With my comprehensive, customizable list you simply let it tell you (or your husband/partner) what the hell to buy!  What you like!  Alone, one may forget important items like beer or toiletries.  But, if the list is utilized correctly, you will find yourself properly prepared for any of life’s nastiest messes.


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